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Amgram has worked with Holyhead Marine to provide a complete design support service for the 40 knot, 9m Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) for the Royal Marines UK.

The 9m Offshore Raiding Craft is used by the Royal Marines for Insertion, Security, Patrol and Arrest operations. 39 boats of these 40 knot boats have been ordered by the MoD and have been delivered to locations around the UK. Three different versions have been designed; Aft, Mid and Forward console variants, each of which has the option to mount a variety of different weapons and ballistic protection packages.

Amgram provide full technical support for this project to the building yard; Holyhead Marine. This work has included a comprehensive design package, supplemented by FEA work, together with considerable detail design work to make the ORC air portable and air deliverable.

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