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London Fire Brigade

Amgram were asked to assist LFB by reviewing the operation of their fireboats and determining if craft performance and durability could be improved or whether replacement was the only option.

Amgram looked at various aspects of the performance and trials over the last few years. The craft had indeed been operating in a very weight critical performance area, which demanded full engine output. A wide range of views existed about whether best to change the main engines, possibly jets as well, lengthen the current boats or procure new boats.

The conclusion of our report was that it would be best if a replacement programme was started. However as an interim solution Amgram suggested three modifications, all of which aimed to decrease drag- the purpose of this being to try and safeguard the engine life.

The suggestions were trialled and performance was improved. Alongside the suggestion of procuring a second-hand replacement engine unit as a fall back, this work has enabled the current craft to remain in service more effectively until a permanent solution can be found.

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