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Indian Coast Guard

Amgram provided a design support package of information to enable AMPL India to build a fleet of 20m 35 knot GRP Patrol craft for the Indian Coastguard.

The design utilised the P2000 hull design also used by the MOD UK, but in order to meet the speed and performance requirements was configured in a triple engined water jet arrangement. As a result the scope of design work provided by Amgram was a full re-design, utilizing only the hull shape from the previous craft.

Along with the machinery design work was a revised superstructure and deck arrangement. Amgram provided a full set of construction information, allowing these craft to be built to full class in India.

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About Amgram

The company specialises in in all aspects of small commercial craft design and procurement. We work with craft built in GRP, steel and aluminium; we even have involvement with historic timber craft on occasions.

We provide technical support services for a wide range of clients including yards and builders and consultancy services to authorities, companies and individuals.

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