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HMS Caroline

Amgram were contracted to incline the battle ship “HMS Caroline” and report on the status of her stability to MOD UK in advance of a possible move.

Amgram Ltd, who mainly specialise in small craft, were delighted to be awarded the contract to incline a full battleship.

Launched and commissioned in 1914, she was the last remaining British World War One light cruiser in service, and the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland still afloat. Until her decommissioning she acted as a static headquarters for the Royal Naval Reserve, moored in Belfast.

As a first step the original lines plan for Caroline was sent from MoD archives, redrawn on computer and then translated to a hydrostatics software package.

There were no dockyard facilities, so the work required for the inclining experiment required sourcing and mobilising 20 tonnes weights with suitable cranes. Amgram engineers also advised on fitting of temporary props as the conditions of the deck and structure were unknown.

Since the objective of the exercise was to determine the stability of the ship if she were to be moved, Amgram then carried out further calculations showed HMS Caroline shows sufficient stability to satisfy the IMO criteria for a ship experiencing severe wind and rolling conditions.

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